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Airteltigo Internet (APN) Settings For Android & Shortcode 2022-2023

All AirtelTigo Shortcodes 2021-2022 Updated (Ghana)

The Airteltigo Internet (APN) Settings For Android & Shortcode 2022-2023. Some Airteltigo subscribers will opt for the automatic inter settings. The thing is, it sometimes doesn’t work for some people.

According to, some questions asked online from both Android and IOS users on Google. According to Google trends and other Keyword optimization software. Just as said earlier most users love to set up their internet setting (APN) automatically.

But sometimes there will be a need to set it up by yourself manually because your internet doesn’t respond. And this happens almost all the time.

This guide is going to edify every reader on how to manually set up their Airteltigo internet (APN) settings and also add a shortcode to get this done automatically as well.

Shortcode To Request Airteltigo Internet Settings Automatically

You can request your Airteltigo internet settings by dialling *540#. Your internet settings will be sent on your smartphone and you will have to save them in other for it to work automatically.

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AirtelTigo Internet (APN) Settings For Android & Shortcode 2022-2023

Procedure To Setup Airteltigo Internet Settings (APN)

  1. Follow the below steps to get your internet settings fully setup and running…
  2. Hop onto your settings on your Phone.
  3. Navigate to your Internet and Network option.
  4. Select Mobile Networks
    4.Select Access Points Names and Edit access point.
    i Name: Airteltigo Internet
    ii. APN: Internet or
  5. You can leave the remaining options and the save your new the new set-up.

That’s it… Just like other networks the internet settings for Airteltigo is also simple like this. After this process, you can turn on your data and you’ll be connected to the internet successfully.

If the above procedure doesn’t work for you, we recommend you delete all past APN’s created and then create a new one. Follow the above procedures and save it once again. Your internet will have to run now.

Follow Bronze-Review for more tips and tricks on all networks MTN, Vodafone Airteltigo etc… In this guide, we explained some of the simple procedures in which you can manually set up your internet settings as well as a shortcode to make this happy easily.

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