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16+ Online Jobs In Ghana & Nigeria 2021-2022 (Remote Jobs)

16+ Online Jobs In Ghana & Nigeria 2021-2022 (Remote Jobs)

16+ Online Jobs In Ghana & Nigeria 2021-2022 (Remote Jobs)… These are remote jobs that every individual here in Ghana and Nigeria can tap into and make money no matter their gender whether a student or part-time worker.

Every individual would love to have a part-time job or a remote job that can help make life easy for him/her. Have some dream weekends, go on trips and tours with Bae or Boo 💞💞and still be getting paid like you are doing 9-5 jobs.

This article contains these online jobs in Ghana and Nigeria that can be done remotely whether you are home, in school etc…

One important thing you need to know about jobs done online is, most of them requires some particular skills in other to get it done. This is because you will be working with these skills of yours. An example is;

1. Working from home as a website designer or developer:

Here if you do not have any skill and knowledge as a website designer you can never get jobs like this done. You need to know more about Web hosting, WordPress, Google Blogger, Joomla, Wix etc….

2. Working as an advertiser for a particular company:

You need to have knowledge about digital marketing and not only that you need to know more about advertisements, how to do keywords researches (SEO) and how to track customers, sales, traffic etc on your business or companies website.

3. Working as Social Media Manager:

Here too, you need to have a little background about public relations, digital marketing, social media marketing, information sciences in other to manage the social media account of these businesses etc….

So here if you have no skills you can never make it happen. But guess what!….. We have also curated some easy online jobs here in Ghana and we will be adding them to this article and one’s that you can apply with certificates as well like data entry jobs in the U.K, U.S.A etc…

This is a full package of over 4,000+ word article;  let’s get into these online jobs here in Ghana 2021-2022…… We will start with one’s that do not require any skill or much intelligence…

16+ Online Jobs In Ghana & Nigeria 2021-2022 (Remote Jobs))

1. Affiliate Marketing: 

The first online job you can start here in Ghana and Nigeria on our list is Affiliate marketing, this is because it is one of the simplest ways on making money online. And not just one-time, you can make a recurring commission as an affiliate marketer whiles you are even asleep.

Most online Guru’s and mentors say “Affiliate marketing is the only business online that you can start with zero and be a millionaire only if you are lucky and consistent”

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of selling goods and services that belong to vendors or companies to customers and getting paid a commission. This simply means, you will be promoting goods and services that do not belong to you to others and when they purchase or perform a task you get paid. 

This sounds simple but not all that simple. So here, you will need to decide on the products you are going to promote, how you are going to get them, the medium through which you are going to promote these products, and the tools you will need to promote these products.

Steps To Start Affiliate Marketing in Ghana and Nigeria

1. Decide the products you are willing to promote (Niche):

Here you will have to check the competition and the demand for such products online. If you can you can also check the profit margin as well. 

2. Find websites that are going to provide you with these products:

An example is;

 Let’s say I’m a female I want to promote weight loss products, I will have to visit e-commerce stores and websites that sell these products and also accepts affiliates and the sign-up. You can get some of these weight loss products on Amazon, FX, Clickbank, Jumia, CBD etc…

Example 2;

Let’s say I’m a male I want to promote either sports products or clothes and sneakers. You will just have to visit stores that accept affiliates like Amazon, eBay, Jumia, Rakuten etc…

3. How or the medium in which you are going to promote these products: 

This is the crucial part, here to be sincere, you need to have an appropriate way of promoting these products in other to reach out to targeted customers so you can make some sales at the end of the day. 

For me I started with a website; I built the website first and made sure the website is appearing in search engines and was looking professional and then I started promoting products on there.

I know people who also didn’t build websites but paid money to post on high authority websites so they can reach lots of people. Other’s too run Ads on Facebook, Quora, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Google, Microsoft Bing, Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit etc…

But for me, I think building a website on your own is the best because it is going to be your forever and making you recurring sales.

4. Now you find tool’s you will need as an affiliate and then start working:

Below are some of the tools almost all affiliates worldwide use;

i. Keyword Research tool

ii. Spying tools

iii. Analytics trackers for websites and sales pages like Hotjar, etc…

iv. Website (Optional) – Hit us up if you need or want to create a website. We will get it done for you at a reasonable price. contact us on Whatsapp or through email (O557133941 or

Below are some of the stores and websites that accept affiliates;

1. Jumia

2. Kikuu

3. Amazon

4. eBay

5. Rakuten Linkshare

To know more about affiliate marketing we suggest you watch more tutorials on YouTube…….. And then later contact us if you need any help or guide. (Website, Web host, guides, mentor-ship)

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2. Drop-shipping:

This is also just like affiliate marketing, It is one of the online jobs you can start in Ghana and Nigeria 2021-2022. With drop-shipping, you will create an e-commerce store normally on Shopify and then you will be selling products of other people mostly wholesalers.

So here, the only thing you will own is the store the products inside will not be yours but belong to wholesalers from China, America, U.K etc. That is why it is called “drop shipping” you will be dropping to order of your customers to these wholesalers and they will do the shipping to the customers.

Yours it to get these customers the vendors will take charge of the shipping and everything. Remember you will be paid a commission once a sale is completed. This is also not simply just like affiliate marketing this because;

i. People must know your store:

So here you must run advertisements on social media platforms and in search engines.

ii. Also you need to get quality and nice products:

So I mostly recommend people to get wholesales from the U.K, America, Italy, Canada or countries that make quality goods.

iii. Remember some sales can be reversed because some customers can ask for refunds.

iv. You need to invest a little amount of money:

You need to create a professional store and use appropriate plugins in other to make it easy and smooth to use.

For Drop-shipping too we suggest you watch video tutorials on YouTube and contact us later if you need help. Like creating your store, web host or anything etc……

3. You-Tubing:

V-logging is already one of the popular online jobs here in Ghana and Nigeria in 2021-2022. We believe you already know or have heard about YouTube. YouTube is a platform that allows individuals to post their video content like comedy skits, shows and programs, music videos etc…. and get it monetized.

In Ghana, we already have people crushing it on YouTube like Kwadwo Sheldon, ZionFelix, Sarkodie, Stonebowy, Wode Maya etc…  And in Nigeria people like Wizkid, Davido, Broda Shaggy, Mark Angel etc.

You can also start creating content there too. But the con about YouTube is your face has to be on there. This is what many people like me don’t want.

But there are software’s that can allow you to create videos without your face appearing. That is when you have content’s that is going to suit such videos. With YouTube you will need;

i. Video editors eg; Invideo, Speechelo, Animation studio, Doodle Maker etc…

ii. Nice camera or smartphones

iii. A software to grow your account thus, engagements, views and etc:

This will help your content get to reach people and appear in search engines as well. We are suggesting this because the competition on YouTube is very very very tough.  Get yourself software’s like

I. Video Marketing Blaster

ii. Videly etc…..

4. Pepapa:

This is a website that operates here in Ghana. You can make money using it and it can be a full-time or part-time job for you. There are two ways in which you can make money using the Pepapa website. 

Either you sell there as a vendor or you promote products of other people. Selling there you will have to sign-up there as a seller and then post your products on there. Here it will be a bit easy to make sales because this store has already gained relevancy online here in Ghana or even Nigeria.

You can also choose to promote products of other people and then get paid commission.

5. Jumia Affiliates:

Jumia is another e-commerce store in Ghana and Nigeria you can make money from either a part-time job or a full-time one. Jumia is just like Pepapa, there are three different ways in which you can make money using Jumia thus, 

By selling on there as a vendor: You will be selling your own products on there as a vendor. Sales and deliveries will be easy since Jumia got you covered in all those aspects.

All you need to do is to join their sellers’ network and then accept their terms and conditions and then start selling there as a vendor.

Secondly, you can also make money from Jumia by referring friends. Here you do not need to sign-up as a vendor. All you need is to get your referral codes and then send them to your friends and families once they sign-up and make a purchase or pay for a service you will be paid a commission. 

Like when they buy, Jumia food, Airtime, do all sort of shopping etc… you will get paid.

Also, you can sell products of other vendors as an affiliate on Jumia. But on Jumia being an affiliate is a bit difficult you need to reach certain requirements.

Like if you will be promoting it through a website that website must have some sort of visitors before you will get accepted.

Which will be difficult for online beginners to reach these requirements.

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5. Blogging:

This is also one of the popular and profitable online jobs in Africa especially in Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya etc. But mostly, when people in these African countries here blogging they think it’s about writing about people like Entertainment, music and lifestyle news. No!

You can switch there are lots of niches you can jump into and start making from it. Thus you can create a website about;

i. Digital Marketing- (Social media marketing, Affiliate Marketing etc)

ii. Health Blog- (Weight loss, Diabetes, ST D’s etc)

iii. Tech Blog- (Mobile phones, Laptops, Software’s, Digital products)

iv. Relationship and Sex Blog- (Relationship advice, Sex life of couples and sharing of Relationship Stories)

V. News Updates Blog- (Sports news, Business news, Political news etc)

Vi. Educational Blog- (Education news about universities, scholarships, essay writing, research writing etc)

One thing you need to know about blogging is it pays recurring commissions and it is also not a get rich overnight thing. It takes time for your website to be popular and relevant. So you can choose days to work on it without putting pressure on yourself.

Also, before choosing a niche or what to write on, make sure you make some researches about it and have some basic ideas before your start writing don’t write dumb stuff and also don’t copy the work of others but use it as a guide. 

Lastly put in mind that, it takes like 1 year or more for your website traffic to start picking up and lots of time.

You can learn more about blogging by watching videos on YouTube. You can then contact us if you want to create a website through whats-app or email (O557133941 –

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6. Guest Blogging or Work as a Writer:

This is also one of the paying jobs here in Ghana and Nigeria in 2021-2022 and years to come. Here you will be writing for websites and blogs as their content developer or writer. 

You will be paid for any article you write on. Mostly, they pay from 15cedis – 40cedis for an article some also pay monthly. It depends on the deal you get. 

If you can not create a website from scratch there is no problem because not everyone has the entrepreneur skills and dedication, you can jump on these popular websites here in Ghana or even once in other African countries, Europe, Africa or even Asia. 

Make sure you are an expert in the niche of the website and then apply to them wanting to be a writer on their blog. They will get back to you if their need more workers.

These Are Some Of The Online Jobs In Ghana You Can Start That Require Some Skill Or Knowledge;

7. Freelancing:

Freelancing is derived from the word freelance. And when someone says he/she is a freelancer that means he/she works by providing services to companies, businesses and individuals and get paid instantly.

This means you will be rendering services like Graphic designing, Running advertisements, Video and Picture editing, Research and Essay paper writing, Translating, Transcribing, Web Development and Designing, Creating apps etc…

Here if you have a skill you think someone will need, all you need to do is to jump on websites for freelancers like;

i. Fiverr

ii. Upwork

iii. 15Ghana (Located in Ghana)

What you will first have to do is to create an account, complete your profile, add some qualifications and create a gig. You will then have to wait for orders. 

Here what you need most importantly are the skills. Once you are good you can build relationships with business partners outside the country all over the world. Remember you will get paid once you complete work for a client.

You can watch more videos on how to create an account and how to get started on these website by watching some videos on YouTube…… Late contact us if you need help like a website or anything else…

8. Upwork:

Upwork is also a website for freelancers. Those with skills and knowledge can hop on their website create an account and start working there as a freelancer. It is free to create an account there.

There are some cons about this too, they are;

i. You are only going to get paid once you finish a  job for a client. This means if you are not contacted you are not getting paid, sometimes taking time and also wasting time too.

ii. It’s a foreign website, so you need either a PaypalPayoneer or Skrill account to receive payments. which is a bit complicated. (We have articles on how to create these account in Ghana for free)

iii. Also, sometimes you need a website to refer these customers on there in other for them to see some of your works in other for them to believe your skills. Time-consuming and costly as well…

Once you know the risks, involved you can go ahead create an and start working on there…

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9. Fiverr:

Fiverr is just like Upwork. It’s one of the websites, you can start working there in Ghana either part-time or full-time.

It is free to sign-up on Fiverr. You just have to hop on their official website accept their terms and conditions and start working.

Some of the cons of using Fiverr are;

i. It’s a foreign website: This means you will need a Payoneer or Paypal account to receive payments from clients.

ii. You are going to get paid only if you finish a particular job. This means if you are not contacted you are not getting paid.

10. 15Ghana:

15 Ghana is also a website for freelancers. This is a website created by a Ghanaian, it is also free to sign-up or create an account. One there it’s somehow mixed from my point of view.

I saw people selling there and others also selling their skills thus, freelancing. Here you can get a client who lives in Ghana. Guess what, you can get paid through MTN mobile money, Vodafone cash and Local Bank transfer etc…

And the con about this is if you don’t a job done you won’t be getting paid. This is also a bit time consuming and time-wasting.

If you are a web designer, Graphic designer, Create accounts, etc… you can join 15Ghana and explore their website maybe you can make money using their site.

11. Translating Jobs:

This is one of the well-paid freelancing jobs online. You may ask how? This is simple you will be acting as a translator for businesses and some you will be translating languages for businesses and individuals as well.

An example is;

You will be translating an article from English to French or From Spanish to French or English.

So If you understand something or know how to speak let’s say Chinese, French, Spanish, Italian etc… You can start doing this and getting paid.

Just Hop on  business websites that need translators and start working for them or visit freelancing websites like;

i. Upwork 

ii. Fiverr

Create an account for free complete your profile and wait to get your first client. One cone about this is, if a job is not done you are not getting paid.

12. Transcribing: 

Transcribing is also an online job you can start here in Ghana and Nigeria in 2021-2022. When we say transcribing what we mean is; copying listening to voice notes and translating them into texts or articles.

This simply means, you will be listening to audios and you will be writing these audio or voice notes down as text.

Here you have to be a fast-typer to make it happen. Just like translating, transcribing is also one of the well-paid online jobs. But getting your first client will be the problem.

Here you can also choose to visit business websites that need transcribers to take and test and when you pass you get employed. Everything is done online straight forward no delays.

You can also create a gig on freelancing websites and wait for orders. Freelancing websites like;

i. Fiverr

ii. Upwork

13. Write E-books:

Are you a writer or someone who loves to write? You can start your writing career now and then get paid for it. There are people that naturally makeup stories and also individuals that are genius and intelligent in some areas.

You can choose to write books and start selling them. Today we are in a digital world you can create an electronic book thus, popularly known as E-book. That is a book that is readable online either through PDF, PowerPoint, RTF etc…

Once you know what you are writing about you are good to go… It can be a recipe for local dishes like African foods, stories, educational books as well etc.

Creating these books is not a problem, there are software’s that can help you create them in minutes once you have your writing done. Soft wares like; Scribble etc…

You can sell these books on ClickBank, Google Play store, Amazon, eBay, Jumia etc……

14. Forex trading:

In Forex Trading you need skills, if you know nothing about trading currencies and other terms you can not get involved. It is one of the well-paid online jobs in Ghana, Nigeria and even worldwide.

You can choose to learn, remember it is not late to acquire any skill you want. Just visit YouTube first watch videos and then decide on buying courses online and then proceed.

15.  Amazon Associates : 

This has to be under Jumia, Pepapepa and others but we brought it down here because to advertise or work on Amazon as an affiliate marketer you need some skills to get it done. Thus, you need skills in affiliate marketing.

You need to be able to make sales with 6 months else your account will be terminated. You also need to have a website in other to sign-up as an associate on amazon.

Once you reach all these requirements you can start promoting other people’s goods and get paid commissions. Remember commissions on Amazon is very small so you need to make more sales to earn big. 

You will be getting paid through Amazon gift cards or through International Banks only. We suggest you first learn affiliate marketing before getting into this.

16. Start Promoting On Warrior Plus, JVZOO, ClickBank, Digistore As Affiliates:

This is also an online job you can start in Ghana from 2021-2022. But you first need to learn affiliate marketing and how to promote digital products and software first. I am an affiliate on these websites as well. It took me over one 1year to make my first sale.

For me, I invested no money and now I am making sales once I chose a product to promote. The best thing about digital products is there is no shipping and mostly there is no returning of items all they need to do is to pay and download this software or program.

It can be an e-book, cloud software, app etc. If you are willing to invest money first you can make sales easy and fast but if you are not willing to invest first do not worry.

Start from creating a website, write reviews of these products on there and wait for at least one 1year. Your website will definitely gain relevancy in its niche and start ranking anytime you write a review. 

Some of the best ways of promoting digital products on Jvzoo, Warrior Plus, Clickbank, Digistore is by;

i. Writing reviews on a website

ii. Social Media marketing

iii. Running advertisements on Google, Facebook, Quora, Instagram etc

iv. Giving bonuses etc.

Here we suggest you first learn about affiliate marketing by watching videos on YouTube. And later contact us if you want to create a website…. through (Whatsapp or email –  0557133941  ,

Below are also well-paid Jobs you can apply with certificates;

17. Data Entry Jobs, Social Media Manager, Marketing researcher or advertiser:

Here we will urge our visitors to visit online Job website portals and then search for “Data entry jobs and remote jobs” Mostly some of these jobs requires some skills or even a certificate because you will be applying with your Curriculum Vitae (CV). 

This is best for students and graduates who studied marketing, Information science or studies, Information technology and etc… You prepare your CV and visit these websites and start applying.

One con is most of these jobs are foreign one’s these kinds of jobs are few in Ghana and not only in Ghana but in Africa. You can visit websites like;

1. Job Praido (U.k Online Jobs only)

2. Avenue Gh 

3. VimJobs

4. Jobberman and other job-finding websites

To conclude, in this article or guide we listed and explained some of the online and remote jobs you can start in Ghana and even other countries like UAE, Nigeria, USA, South Africa, Kenya, Namibia etc…..

We first started with online and remote jobs in Ghana and Nigeria that do not require any qualifications or skills. We then moved to online jobs in Ghana and Nigeria that requires some skills and knowledge and then we concluded with one’s you can apply with your Certificates.

These are simple and easy but put in mind there are not all that easy and remember “Rome wasn’t built in a day same way “there is nothing like overnight riches unless stealing or lottery”

Also, these jobs require or need time and consistency. For me personally, I suggest you start as a part-time job and when it is paying recurring you start doing it as a full-time job. That is exactly what many people like me did. 

You just jump into a business, the probability of making a business work is 1% Once you work on it consistently you increase the chance of it working.

These are decent online jobs you can start here in Ghana and Nigeria and start getting paid. Stay safe and try your hands on any of the above listed.

Drop your suggestions and comments below we will do our best to reply within 24 hours. Remember you are can also share or download this page for future reference or for friends and families……..

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