100 Side Hustles For Residents In Africa (Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya)

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This article will list 100 different side hustle you can tap into as a resident in all parts of Africa. Like Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya and any other place you find yourself.

After our various extensive researches, we curate a list of over 100 different side hustle which are doable for residents in any part of Africa. These are online and face-to-face businesses or side hustles you can try. Whether you being a student, stay home parent, disable or any category you seem to fall into.

To begin with everything, it’s advisable to read this article’s disclaimer at the bottom of this article before you progress with everything on here. Take not, this article is for educational purposes only.

100 Side Hustles For African Residents

1. Start a website or blog

2. Start vlogging

3. Social media influencing

4. Grow and sell social media pages (Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or X)

5. Start Affiliate Marketing

6. Invest in cryptocurrencies

7. Trade cryptocurrencies

8. Resell hosting plans or services

9. Resell domain names

10. Try part-time translating jobs

11. Try part-time transcribing jobs

12. Provide copy-writing services

13. Content developer or content writer

14. Write research papers or schorlary articles for courses mates or students

15. Assist people in academic assignment

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16. Start Forex trading

17. Monetize videos on Facebook

18. Monetize Videos on YouTube

19. Try part-time proofreading jobs

20. Assist people applying for jobs abroad

21. Assist people applying for school admission abroad

22. Assist people applying for visit visas abroad

23. Start an E-commerce store

24. Start Drop-shipping

25. Sell damaged mobile phone

26. Online tutoring

27. Build resume or CV for others

28. Take web development gigs

29. Take graphic design gigs

30. Take video editing gigs

31. Sell ebooks online

32. Sell softwares online

33. Enter into monetary competitions

34. Professional betting

35. Coach others

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36. Try print on demand business

37. Allow advertisers on your website

38. Accept advertisement on your Facebook page

39. Accept advertisement on your Instagram page

40. Accept advertisement on your Twitter page

41. Accept advertisement on your Snapchat channel

42. Accept advertisement on your Snapchat story

43. Start digital marketing

44. Assist people buy their dream cars online

45. Create an online store

46. Become a Captioner

47. Offer data entry services

48. Become a social media manager

49. Become a YouTube channel manager

50. Become a web tester

51. Offer SEO services to website owners

52. Offer keyword research services for website owners

53. Participate in Research studies

54. Teach English online

55. Tech Swahili online

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56. Become a customer service

57. Become a tech support associate

58. Become a voice-over artiste

59. Get paid clicking Ads

60. Get paid clicking links

61. Sachet water business

62. Peer-to-Peer lending

63. Lend out crypto to companies

64. Invest in stocks of business

65. Invest in Gold

66. Buy shares in thriving local businesses

67. Offer web design services

68. Start a YouTube Channel

69. Draw for people

70.  Watch videos and get paid

71. Get paid using search engines

72.  Get paid using web browsers

73. App development

74. Remote software development gigs

75. Sell images online

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76. Photography gigs

77. Promote cash-back companies

78. Part-time lawns cutting

79. Part-time house to house cleaning

80. Cooking and baking

81. Sell recipes

82. Get paid to play games

83. Try twitch

84. Try Dancing gigs

85. Write novels for people

86. Rent out cars if you have some

87. Tour guide

88. Event planning

89. Rent out your speakers or electric gadgets

90. Laundry services

91. Take plumbing gigs

92. Run errands

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93. Cleaning Pools

94. Painting services

95. Mobile money agent

96. Try Poultry farming

97. Try fish Farming

98.  Buy and sell online funds

99. Home installation gigs

100. Get paid participating in surveys

In conclusion, these are all doable side hustles you can tap into and start making some bucks. Also, with difference in locations, culture and few other stuff, some ideas that will sound inappropriate to you might work for other people in other parts of the world.

An example is selling sachets of water in front of your store or house. This idea can be a profitable one, but from our researches we found out in some African countries, street vendors do add water anytime you buy any kind of food from them.

In this case, selling sachet water will sound inappropriate to residents in countries that things like this do happen.

Kindly, add your idea in the comment section if you have any. Once you are in any part of Africa, it’s accepted and will be approved immediately.

Article Disclaimer

This article is written for educational purposes only. We are no financial advisers or certified market or business developers. In this case, we won’t be responsible for any sort of financial loss.

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