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10+ Ways To Promote Affiliate Links In Ghana 2021-2022

10+ Ways To Promote Affiliate Links In Ghana 2021-2022

10+ Ways To Promote Affiliate Links In Ghana 2021-2022… In this guide, you are going to learn how to promote your affiliate links for free. You might have come across so many ways of promoting your affiliate links or you may be new to affiliate marketing.

I am going to show you 10+ simple ways to promote your affiliate links here in Ghana and also add some strategies I use in addition that’s a bonus for reading this article.

As a blogger or content marketer in other to make a steady income from your blog you need to make sure you maximize your affiliate links and adapt good strategies in other to make sales. 

It sounds simple but to make this happen you need to put in a little bit of work, dedication and consistency in other to achieve your goal.

Finding high paying affiliate programs is also very important and not just that but also finding a product that converts in other for you to make sales when promoting.

In this guide, you will learn almost all the strategies you need to know in the affiliate marketing world.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting products and services of people and other businesses in other to make sales and earn a commission. In affiliate marketing you get paid a specific commission anytime you make a sale or complete a task like, a customer subscribes to an email list etc.

Affiliate links are unique URLs that are given to every affiliate marketer by the merchant or Vendor in other to track traffic, clicks, subscriptions and sales from the affiliate website to the merchant website.

Affiliate links sometimes contain the affiliate marketers username, unique numbers, letters and sometimes symbols. All clicks on affiliate links are tracked by merchants accurately the same applies to sales.

Affiliate Websites That Work In Ghana

Sometimes some affiliate networks do not accept affiliates from certain countries Africa an example is Ghana because for many reasons. Some of these reasons are;

1. The Payment Method: 

Most affiliate networks are based in Europe and the States this sometimes make payment method difficult for people from continents like Asia, Africa in which Ghana is situated.

But then Paypal and Payoneer are making online transactions simple in countries like this so affiliate networks pay their affiliates through cheque and direct bank deposit an example is Amazon, Clickbank etc.

2. Tax laws: 

Countries like the USA and other countries in Europe tax citizens who work online, so affiliate networks do not accept citizens from countries like Africa that there are no online laws for citizens who work online.

3. The geographical location of the affiliate:

Some affiliate networks work only in Europe and no other continents. As a matter of fact, people not from these countries can not join these affiliate programs

Above are some of the reasons why some affiliate networks do not work in Continents like Africa in which Ghana we are situated inside. 

All the same, there are lots of affiliate networks that people living in Africa Ghana to be precise can join for free and start making some money.

10+ Ways To Promote Affiliate Links In Ghana 2021-2022

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YouTube because YouTube is one of the most visited websites in the world and in Ghana as well. So promoting affiliate links on there won’t be a bad idea.

And also people in internet marketing Infographics like Pictures and Videos always catch the attention of the audience and if you are lucky you can turn them from the audience to customers. And this is what’s helping many businesses at this moment.

But with promoting affiliate links on YouTube you have to adapt at least these two ways of doing that as a smart internet or affiliate marketer. 

1.. You have to create and nice video reviewing the affiliate product. Talk about everything the customers has to know before purchasing that product from it’s;

I. What the product can do for the customers

II. Its Pros and Cons

III. How the product is used 

Iv. And the vendor or the Merchant who owns that product.

2. After the procedure above you can now post your affiliate link in the video description nicely. With YouTube you can promote 1-5 affiliate offers under one video, it depends on how you make your review video and how the products are.

#NB: As a YouTuber, you will need video editing software that will help you make irresistible videos for your audience. Check the following software Almost 70% Of YouTubers use worldwide out;

I. AnimationStudio

II. Doodle Maker

III. Explaindio

IV. Filmora9 

Guest blogging is the process of writing an article or review for a blog you do not own. Most people write blog posts for websites that get a large amount of audience than their own website. An example is writing a blog post or article on a specific niche for websites that have a large audience in Ghana like Yen, Ghana Web, Zionfelix etc.

With this, after writing this post you include your affiliate links if you have some and also include backlinks to your website in other to improve your ranking. Since Google will notify it as getting a backlink from a high authoritative website. 

With Guest Post it’s simple you can post on Medium or Google sites or even the websites I mentioned above in the explanation.

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#Check out this traffic generator software that will help you grow your businesses in 2021

1. Synbuddy 2.0 2K

You can also promote affiliate links in Ghana by creating an affiliate website where you post your reviews about products you promote as an affiliate. 

An affiliate website is a website created purposely to promote offers and products of people and businesses in other to earn commissions. In Ghana here, an affiliate website is also a major way to promote affiliate products.

Promoting affiliate products on your website. You have to take SEO  Search Engine optimization very serious. Target keywords that have a large number of searches but there is low competition. With this, you will have the chance to appear on page 1 of Google.

Promoting affiliate links you have to let your links appear neat on your website in other not to prevent people or customers from clicking your affiliate.

And as an affiliate, without customers clicking on your link on your website in other to help them get to reach to merchant or advertiser website you will be making no sales. 

The following are ways to insert affiliate links into your blog posts neatly,

1. Shorten Affiliate links for them to look neat

2. Insert affiliate links inside images

3. Affiliate Banners

3. Promote multiple affiliate products in one post if you can but don’t overdo things.

#NB: Contact Team Through This Email: If You Want Us To Create An Affiliate Website For You

4. Run Advertisements (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Jvzoo):

You can also promote affiliate links by running Ads. Display Advertisement is one of the ways to generate lots of traffic and sales in addition if done in the right way.

What I mean is by targeting keywords and also producing quality content in if you will be directing the customers to your website first before you lead them to the advertiser’s website.

You can run Ads on browsers such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon etc. And you can also run Ads on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora etc which I will recommend.

Running Ads will help you boost the number of audiences you get to reach daily and automatically increase your sales if your affiliate product converts.

#NB: Running ads you need to have good video editing software to help you make videos and animations for your Ads like a pro. Check out the following video and Image editing software almost every affiliate uses;

I. Adscouter Ad Creator

II. AnimationStudio

III. Explaindio

Affiliate banners, one of the best ways or strategies to adopt when promoting affiliate links. Why do I say this? Its because with banners you can promote multiple affiliate products on the same page or article.

Another advantage is infographics always attract customers, An individual might just be on your website to read but as soon as he/she sees those nice banners on your website they can click and turn from reader to buyer simply.

Email Marketing thus, marketing through sending emails to subscribers on your channel or blog. It is also one of the best ways to promote affiliate links as an affiliate. As an affiliate marketer, every email on your list has to make you at least $1 at the end of every month only if you adopt the right ways to do your marketing.

Digital products on affiliate networks like Warrior plus+, Jvzoo and ClickBank always sell much through email marketing. 

#NB: Are you facing in your Email Marketing Career? Read about these products to help you improve your Email Openings, Prevent your Email messages from landing spam folders and Write eye-catchy emails to turn readers into customers etc.

I. Email CopyDyno

II. Clickvio by Neil Napier

7. Through Facebook Groups & Pages:

In Ghana here now almost all the youth spend their precious time on social media platforms every blessed day. Promoting affiliate links in Ghana, Social media platforms like Facebook is one of the places that should come in mind.

Facebook is one of the websites that get lot’s of traffic in the world as well as in Africa Ghana to be precise. Promoting affiliate links on Facebook can be done in many ways. Below are some of the ways this can be done;

I. Through posting on your Page: 

This sounds easy but will be a little bit complicated if your page does not have many likes and your posts do not reach enough people. Not just people but targeted people interested in what you are selling or the offer you are promoting.

II. Through posting in Groups: 

Posting in groups is one of the powerful ways of promoting affiliate links here in Ghana. You can not just join a group and start sharing links, you have to plan on how to you will put your affiliate links out there so you don’t seem to be a spammer or get blocked by admins.

One important thing is you also have to join groups your niche is about. You can not be selling Carpentry tools in a Booklovers group that deviation I will say. In group posting you can decide to adopt these strategies if you find them convincing or helping;

a. Ask a question in groups and answer yourself in the comment section: How will that work? This is a great method I do myself, People who are facing the same problem will find that post interesting and read through the comment section to see whether there is a solution to that problem in the comment section.

Here they will click on your affiliate link if they see it in the comment section. You get targeted traffic here and they can even turn from readers to customers.

b. You can also post a review intro of your product  and ask the interested members to write a comment in the comment section if interested

#NB: There are still a lot of powerful ways to promote affiliate links on Facebook. You just have to adapt to one that you think will work for your product.

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LinkedIn is also a powerful platform to promote stuff like online courses and digital products. Let’s not forget LinkedIn is also one of the most visited social media platforms that its traffic keeps rising yearly since 2017.

LinkedIn seems to be like an educational platform, so in the article I recommend you promote stuff like Online Courses and digital products on there. LinkedIn is just like Facebook, But LinkedIn in you has a few distinct features. The following are ways you can promote your affiliate products in Ghana on LinkedIn;

1. LinkedIn posts

2. LinkedIn groups

3. LinkedIn articles: On LinkedIn, you can write articles, This will favour those who do not have a website or those who have one but their website is not ranking well due to low page authority, backlinks etc. 

LinkedIn is a high authoritative website that can help your articles and reviews appear on Google page one when you write your article very good.

9. Promoting Affiliate Links Through Instagram Post:

Promoting niches like Cosmetics, fashion, online courses and health Instagram is the best place to promote them as an affiliate.

Since Instagram is all quality about pictures and amazing videos products in the above mentioned can be promoted simple and easily on this platform.

You can post these products like bags, sneakers, dresses and books after the post, you put your affiliate links in your bio. And allow those who find the products interested to click through your link and check the product out.

10. Through Twitter Tweets and Retweets:

Twitter is for affiliate marketers who are good and enjoy writing, posting your products and attaching your affiliate links back to back will help the offer you are promoting get exposed to a large number of people.

On Twitter here in Ghana, you can also choose to promote niches like Fashion, Cosmetics and maybe online courses in addition. Almost 70% of Twitter users here in Ghana are youths both university students and SHS students.

Lastly, to conclude, we have covered 10 powerful ways and strategies to promote your affiliate links here in Ghana without investing all that much. From posting your affiliate links on YouTube to Twitter. You can also post your links on social media platforms like Tiktok, Snapchat, Quora, Reddit and Pinterest.

If you seem to love this guide you can follow Bronze-review and also share this article with your friends and families or loved ones. We will be updating and posting new methods in other to be a successful affiliate marketer here in Ghana

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